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Entertainment of Sunday, 22 August 2021


Amerado bailed out of the beef because he wasn't benefiting - Obibini

Amerado Amerado

Rap artiste, Obibini, has shared what he feels is the reason Amerado bailed out of the beef and refused to release another diss song.

He told Happy FM’s Doctar Cann during an interview on Showbiz Xtra that he does not know the exact reason Amerado stopped the beef but from the way he sees it, it could be that Amerado noticed he was not benefitting enough.

“From a distance, I see it that his team probably noticed I was actually benefitting from this more than him because it’s not about what you say on the diss track, it’s about the numbers that are following our conversation and he realized that his numbers weren’t as much as mine”, he explained.

Obibini added that Amerado came back to Ghana with a new hot song and instead of allowing that song to flourish, he rather chose to start a beef.

“He brought it to my doorstep and I said thanks for this chance, and I took it”, he said.

The ‘Messiah’ noted however that regardless, he is happy that rap music is winning because for some time now, the Ghanaian music industry "has been more of a singers’ and dancehall artistes’ economy". According to him, this is a win for every rapper and everyone else who has rap music at heart.

Rappers, Obibini and Amerado, a few weeks ago, engaged in a very hot lyrical beef. One that even the grandpapa of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone, calls a top-class lyrical beef. Both of them benefitted very much from the beef as their streaming numbers were seen jumping by hundreds and thousands.