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Entertainment of Monday, 30 August 2021


Allow artistes to beef if they want to - Alpha 185

Alpha 185 Alpha 185

Emerging Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Alpha 185, has asserted that artistes should be left to beef for as long as they want if they decide that is what they want to do.

He stated that these musicians are grown enough to know what is right from wrong, hence if they decide to beef each other, they probably know what they are doing and why they are doing it and therefore, should be left to proceed with it for as long as they want to keep it going.

“Rap itself is a competitive sport so if you find two grown folks doing their thing, you should let them do it. I just want to impact the next person in the positive direction so I’m not really into beef. I just wanna make music and catch a vibe”, he told Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana.

Answering what he would do if an artiste threw a shot at him saying for instance, that he is not a good enough rapper, Alpha 185 stated that he would not pick it up with the person but would rather ignore and leave that artiste to say whatever he wants to say because he (Alpha) is not interested in throwing tantrums back and forth.

‘Beefing’, although seems unhealthy, has become a norm in the Ghanaian music industry and has helped a lot of artistes gain recognition, and made ‘besties’ out of some artistes too. Lyrical beefs, they say, are a part of the rap culture because it helps artistes prove their lyrical prowess, however, personal beefs, on the other hand, are not very healthy and has left some artistes as enemies.