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'Adulthood Na Scam' was intentional and personal - Ladé

Nigerian singer, Ladé Nigerian singer, Ladé

Rising singer Oyetundu Omolade popularly known as Ladé has revealed some interesting details about her song, 'Adulthood Na Scam'.

Speaking in an interview with The Nation, she noted that the song is intentional and personal to her.

“It was intentional and personal because that’s the stage I am in right now for the fact that I have to do things myself, cater for myself and make things happen for myself and I believe that a lot of youths right now that’s what they are trying to do.

“Adulthood na scam because you know nobody gave us heads up that this is how it is going to be because we had our parents that will do stuff for us and go all the way So, we had our parents that made things happen for us but now that we have to do all of those things ourselves, so it’s like a big weight on the youths,” she said.

Ladé sharing her excitement at the level of acceptance towards the song, she stated that she did not expect the world to welcome the song so quickly.

“I did not expect it to blow up like this, it was just me doing my thing, in my own element doing my music, I did not expect it will blow up this fast but I thank God for that,” the singer added.

The music 'Adulthood Na Scam' has gained popularity across the world with many relating to the lyrics of the song.