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Entertainment of Sunday, 29 August 2021


A-list artistes feel neglected when we’re pushing new artistes – Afia Papabi

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Afia Papabi, an entertainment critic and presenter, has observed that Ghanaian A-list artists feel neglected when the media is focusing on pushing upcoming ones.

In an interview on Showbiz Xtra which airs on Happy FM, she said this in relation to Sarkodie’s confirmation during an international interview that the Ghanaian media does not appreciate its own.

Afia Papabi explained, “Everyone has their time so if you have gained recognition to a point and we are throwing light on someone who is now coming, don’t feel like we’re not recognizing you anymore. It’s just that you’ve gotten your recognition so we’re now trying to push others out there”.

According to her, the Ghanaian media is trying to push every great talent out into the world one after the other and that is even why there is the Emerging Music Awards for these young ones and other award schemes that include the already blown artists.

“When we’re promoting the emerging artistes, the already recognized ones feel like we’ve pushed them aside but that is not the case. If we don’t push the new ones, how will they also gain national recognition and go international?” she quizzed.

“Take the Kumerican boys for example. When we all joined in pushing them, they were included in the 3 Music Awards, VGMAs, and Party in the Part UK so don’t say we’re pushing you aside. We just want everyone to be recognized”, Afia further added.