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5 vital tips for managing your African Natural afro

Knowing one's hair type will help determine the right treatment Knowing one's hair type will help determine the right treatment

The African natural hair comes with different curl pattern types. Some are lucky to have manageable hair textures, but for those with crazy kinky, curls and thick textures, managing your hair can be so tiring and annoying.

Knowing your hair type will help you determine the treatment your hair needs every week. According to our in-house experts, here are some general tips to help with maintaining your afro.

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1.Use a good shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t use bathing soaps in your hair for hair wash days. Get a shampoo and conditioner good for your hair texture and wash your hair at least once in every week. Use leave-in conditioners after to prevent the hair from knotting. No one loves to see their hair in knots when they have a comb in hand.

2. Don’t keep the hair thirsty

For African natural hairs, water is necessary. Don’t keep the hair thirsty, consistently apply water to your hair. That’s one benefit of keeping your hair natural, you get to wet it without worries after a very hot day. Drink enough water daily too, it works magic for the hair.

3. Oil treatments

Oil treatments are important for your afro to keep it glossy and healthy. You oils like jojoba, coconut, avocado, carrot, olive oil and shea butter.

4. Hair wraps before bed

You do not want your hair falling out when you are actually looking for growth, wrap your hair with a silk scarf of put on a silk hair bonnet before bed. This will help reduce hair loss.

5. Protective styles

Try protective styles like cornrows and braids with hair extensions. Faux locs, distressed locs, and box braids should do some tricks for you.

Don’t give up yet because you can’t manage your natural afro. You know you look extremely beautiful and confident when you rock your afro. Just treat your hair like a baby and rock that afro crown like the African Queen you are.