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5 important things women must do immediately after menstruation

Women must endeavour to treat themselves properly after every monthly flow Women must endeavour to treat themselves properly after every monthly flow

• These are some basic hygiene measures every woman should consider after every monthly flow

• These tips when practiced will prevent women from sexually transmitting infections to their male partners

• Women must endeavor to take their sexual reproductive health seriously

A woman’s menstrual period can pass by smoothly without health complications if adequate hygiene precautions are taken into consideration.

As soon as one’s period is over there are a few things to take note of as a woman.

Interestingly these necessary lifestyle tips are often overlooked due to busy schedules, unawareness or sometimes laziness.

With that being said, GhanaWeb takes a look at some 5 needful tips women must apply after their monthly flow ceases

Get rid of the pubic hair

Grooming one’s pubic hair at the end of every menstrual cycle makes the vagina healthier. This is because it lessens the risk of yeast or bacterial growth in the hair strands. It also prevents smell and odor captured through sweat and dirt in these areas.

Antibiotics/Probiotics/Greek yoghurt

A vaginal yeast infection, also known as candidiasis is a common condition that can be contacted after one’s period.

This is mostly because hormonal changes that are experienced during menstruation could kill the bacteria living in a woman’s vagina and cause a yeast infection.

Due to this, it is very necessary to pop in some antibiotics or probiotics right after a monthly cycle to get rid of these infections.

Wait for at least three days before having sex

Forget about safe periods. Have you ever considered the fact that having sex right after your menstrual cycle could result in the transfer of bacteria from yourself to your partner if the vagina is not properly cleaned?

There could be some blood spots or even vagina discharge left which tends to harbour some ‘bad bacteria’ if not properly dealt with.

Drink lots of water/foods to replace blood lost during menstruation

Especially for those who bleed heavily during their periods, it is important to consume some “iron-rich” foods that can help one bounce back or gain back lost blood.

According to medical research, stress, hormonal imbalance, medication, and even rigorous exercises can make one bleed profusely during periods but the problem arises when there is prolonged bleeding that often leads to iron deficiency.

To prevent these instances, blood-boosting foods should be consumed right after menstruation to avoid fatalities.

Do not repeat panties used during periods

Panties often used as layers for pads or tampons should not be used once periods are over. Until another menstruation cycle begins, these panties should be kept apart or separated from the usual panties used on normal days.

Note: Although these methods are medically proven, consult your doctor before trying them