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I’m broken over Mahama’s Ambassadorial appointment – Bernard Mornah

Comment: Who should stay to preserve PNC ???

Alhaji Yussif
2017-07-11 13:57:11
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I’m broken over Mahama’s Ambassadorial appoint

The man did not oppose people base on the law but his own principles he's at liberty to break,it's only a fool who doesn't change his mind,now Benard who should stay clean to maintain the good name of PNC when you re eating in the ndc?Mr Kwasi Pratt held a long standing principles never to ve anything doing with a party in power but what happened when Atta Mills won power?as stupid as shallow minded as Pratt is,I know he ll not think before condemning Dr Edward Mahama as Benard Monrna is doing,today Pratt drives bradnew cars given to him by Ndc,his twins sponsored abroad by Ndc,new printing press plus Tv station all because he broke just one stupid and hypocritical principle,we don't think in Ghana,the man is 72 years he waited till the PNC ll no longer consider him as flag bearer before accepting this appointment because he realized that Nana Addo government is better than all those who invited him in the past or thought he still stood the chance before now.Just Mark my words Benard Morna ll join the NDC soon,he wanted the Dr to consult him as party leader to leak the information to his Ndc friends,Morna should ask his friend Pratt why he had to serve under Ndc NMC,GFA and traveled in the presidential jet on many occasions?until PNC gets Morna out of the party he ll remain a traitor.

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07-11 11:43
Who should stay to preserve PNC ???
Alhaji Yussif
07-11 13:57