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Some NDC members wanted Prof. Mills and I to 'kill' Zoomlion – President Mahama

Comment: Good Thinking My President!

Eric. K (Canada)
2016-12-05 02:01:21
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Some NDC members wanted Prof. Mills and I to 'kill

This is what good citizenship is all about Mr. President. Do not be surprise that some across the isle will not see this vision and content with you. I am assuring you of one thing, "There is no one the sets out without purpose." You have demonstrated you have a purpose. You were thought well by the late Professor, my father Mills. And you have staged your grounds. God bless you. "It does not matter how charge the scroll, you will be the Master of your soul, and the Captain of your ship. God bless you and your second term. Amen!

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12-04 12:39
Good Thinking My President!
Eric. K (Canada)
12-05 02:01