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Mahama is Ghana's worst performing president - NPP man

Comment: Mahama will be jailed for his corruption

insight to the bone
2016-07-16 08:34:20
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90 % of our people know kwasiapayin omanhene aboaba pepeni can never do anything good except steal for himself together with his friend and family. 99% of our people know the elections will be rigged and this will evolve into violence with the country breaking up eventually. We observe all countries that achieved development did not have their so called leaders walking away with billions but failed regimes all enriched the families and friends of the imposter leader with no loyalty to the people , like Libya , Iraq , Syria , Saudi Arabia or north Korea. Roosevelt , Stalin willy Brandt , Mao did not have their favored ones becoming rich rather they served and brought their people into the better age. Yes the arrangements to rig the elections are already in place as they think we will not stand and fight. This criminal mafia with its vice hold on our future will not go away without war and bloodshed even though they know they are despised by the majority . We see Mahama on tour and notice its mainly bad guests who have overstayed their welcome such as zongo boys , northerners , minorities and Muslims turning up in their masses as they know they now oppress and plunder the majority . Theirs is a tribalism/hegemony hate of of the majority Akans agenda and the end will only be misery and death. So wicked and dark are their thoughts of hate they are blind to the hardship and cry of our people in pain and wish to bring us more evil. We must never withdraw but prepare to fight for our freedom as freedom is not won through fake elections. Half of the Npp are angry just because THEY are not the ones plundering and looting , the other half have no clue what time it is and still thing there is a Ghana to save. Their ranks are infiltrated by the same Muslims , minorities and wanna be criminal element with corruption in their souls . The NDC on the other hand is a hopeless case of hardened criminals with no shame . We must arise and let them know we also count .Those who continue to propagate the Anti Akan agenda by these seemingly random irrelevant criminal acts such as the murders of Atta Mills , Mp Danquah , humiliation of Kyeremanteng by armed robbers or the repeated attempts to politically lynch Ken Agyapong are all in line with the undeclared war against the majority Akans. Those who refuse to develop a sound culture of security fail to see the dangers , they do not know of the fact that those who are not for us are definately against us. No where in the world do you have politicalfigures with the potential of being presidents such as Danquah and Kyeremanteng murdered or being targeted by boko harem style criminals calling themselves armed robbers without the blessings of this pepeni/ayigbe mafia elite. The composition of the cabinet is clear evidence of Muslim discrimination of the Akan majority. We shall never surrender to this retrogressive menace to mankind called Islam no matter how many mosques they build , soon we shall turn all of them into public toilets or tear them down. Yes when the time comes we shall lay siege to their barracks , police stations and other institutions of oppression. We shall then freely distribute their mansions and houses to our veterans of the barricade when we win as they will be our new heroes. THE DISCRIMINATION AND HATE OF THE AKANS WILL STOP THIS YEAR

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07-16 08:40
Mahama will be jailed for his corruption
insight to the bone
07-16 08:34