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Arab Spring looms in Ghana – Edward Mahama

Comment: Arab spring looms in Ghana

2016-06-26 09:42:30
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Arab Spring looms in Ghana if... – Mahama

I hate to break it to you Candidate Edward Mahama, but the ARAB spring wasn't a revolution, it was a form of foreign aggression against sovereign states. Look at the unemployment rate before and after the Arab spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc. As for corruption it is even at unprecedented levels than those been experienced in Nig. Candidate E. Mahama what we need is a peace change of government from one reign to another. Looking at how imbeciles stokes tribal and religious tension for political gains, a revolution will lead to armed conflict in diverse forms; political, ethnic, religious among others which will erode all the gains achieved since independence within three months of any conflict. Graduates are suffering from unemployment but we are enjoying peace. Just cross the border to Abidjan and hear what the graduates will tell you the experiences they went through, throughout those ten years of armed conflict; no job, no peace, no business opportunity and it was even difficult to farm because of security reasons.

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06-25 20:22
Arab spring looms in Ghana
06-26 09:42