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Arab Spring looms in Ghana – Edward Mahama

Comment: Ghanaians are wiser than you think

2016-06-25 23:16:47
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Arab Spring looms in Ghana if... – Mahama

Dr Mahama you talk too much, haba!!! That stupid spring that has destroyed those Arab countries will never happen here under any circumstances. You like making noise all over the place, why? Let it be known to you that you can NEVER, emphasis mine, win any elections in Ghana so please stop the cheap, empty and useless noise you've been making. You are now becoming more of an irritant. Be advised that no one takes you serious anymore simply because you make statements and promises that even a JHS student will find ridiculous. The PNC will sure have been better with comical Ayariga because you are behaving more like a dunce. Please save us the comedy.

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06-25 20:22
Ghanaians are wiser than you think
06-25 23:16