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Arab Spring looms in Ghana – Edward Mahama

Comment: Let the wise think deep abt what Dr said

2016-06-25 22:26:30
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Arab Spring looms in Ghana if... – Mahama

Let those who ve eyes hear this warning,we ve neglected agricultural and factories and promoting buy and sell,now young ministers like Okujeto Ablakwah who use to think this way a few years ago now own filling stations and doing oil business,a presidential candidate promises one factory one district and he's already out there saying it's not possible so what's possible?buying and selling?do you know how many factories Woyome,ISOFOTON,CP,SADA,GEEDA,Smarttys,Wunazoe and other stolen cash can build?.Tema oil refinery since NDC came to power and closed down has become an advantage for them to import finished product from other countries to make money,so for this small boys nothing is achievable as it ll destroy their businesses,but if God exists this guys live to regret ever stealing from the state,nobody is questioning how they ve become so rich overnight,they had no access to declare so didn't do so,not bribes re describe as gift without shame.The first to recieve such gift was Roads and Highways minister Joe Gidisu but they pretended it was wrong and took the car from him,now that it's acceptable it's only fair for John Mahama to return that car back to the former minister because what's good for the goods is equally good for the gander.If there was any uprising it's the middle and upper class who ll suffer as no one ll be spared,for he who is on the ground fears no fall.

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06-25 20:22
Let the wise think deep abt what Dr said
06-25 22:26