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Arab Spring looms in Ghana – Edward Mahama

Comment: Try disguising your ignorance, please!

Frustrated Ghanaian Living Abroad
2016-06-25 22:13:28
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What jackass! You know what? I should not be surprised to read this from an Arab; that is if you are a true Arab. We Ghanaians have know how backwards you Arabs reason. The slightest provocation results in death and war with you people. No rational solution seeking thinking with you people. Tell me, would you rather live in Syria or Ghana or even anywhere else in Africa for that matter. Don't you know you were used by the west to destroy your own countries? Tell me, when you deposed your leaders, who did you replace them with? Oh yes, puppets of the West who are more crooked than the ones before. Do you still see the wisdom in your decision to revolt instead of find sensible solutions? Why do I bother asking you this question anyway, you will not be happy until the streets run with the blood of some you claim has "offended" you. I can't have a reasonable conversation with an idiot lest people wonder who the idiot is. So I say enjoy your Arab world. We African fools will use reason to better our nations.

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06-25 20:22
Try disguising your ignorance, please!
Frustrated Ghanaian Living Abroad
06-25 22:13