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My promises are very realistic – Mahama

Comment: Mhaam John Ford has never told one truth

Gyeeda, Sada, Suba,Bus Branding Woyom
2016-06-22 20:42:37
Comment to:

Your promises are realistic in deed. You promised to build 200 schools in your 4year dictatorial rule as a thief president but so far, only 5 has been commissioned. You have lied a lot to us so please read the following letter and respond as needed:
Dear Jon Ford Mahama,
I am writing this letter to inform you about the IEA debate. We at the forum will not ask you about the Ford Expedition you stole form the Burkinabe Contractor whom you gave three contracts after receiving the Ford by way of stealing yourself quietly without being caught by the then president whom you killed because he was investigating your thievery allegation regarding the aircraft you bought for Ghana at a price of $88 million dollars even though the price was only 28 million.
Also, we will not ask you anything about Gyeeda, Sada, Subah, Woyome, Bus Brandeing, The transfer of of 250 million dollars to a private bank in your name so please just don't run away from the debate.
Again we will not ask you about the dubious ECG billing through which you are stealing money from the Ghanaians. We will not ask you about the collapse of NHIA, School Feeding, Freee Maternal care, Mass cocoa spraying, ... I mean we will not ask you about the mess you have so far caused the whole country and above all we will not ask you about the murder of ex president Evans Atta Mills.
In short we will not ask you about the mess you have done to Ghana and the petroleum money you are using to build hotels in Dubai and South Africa and the one in Ghana.
I end with greetings to your Ali Baba 40 thieves in the NDC.
Yours Faithfull,
Gyeeda, Sada, Suba, Woyome, Bus Branding, and Ford Expedition.
Bye for now, Mr. Ford mahama.

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