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Constitutional confab in the offing

Comment: calibrate your priorities, Sir

Nana Akosah
2013-09-24 17:34:22
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Constitutional confab in offing

Uncle Mahama, please spear yourself and the country any grief byspending money on a lame duck process. I am not saying we don't need to work on the constitution but let's not loose sight of more important things like bribery and corruption. It appears our country is for sale and morality has been thrown on a back burner. Massa, if you want to develop the nation, please, make sure everybody, including yourself, lives within their means. Make it harder for office holders to accdpt bribes and harshly prosecute offenders; the money that would've otherwise ended up in some of these corrupt pockets can go a long way in bolstering our economy and creating jobs.
The constitutional review can cost usno less than GH 500,000 and yet the outcome will only end on a shelf. We need pragmatic ways of handling issues not unnecessary academic discourse. By the way my advice is free of charge and is not copyrighted.

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09-24 07:45
calibrate your priorities, Sir
Nana Akosah
09-24 17:34