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Mahama: Our political institutions are getting stronger

Comment: incompetence and lack of morals

insight to the bone
2013-09-21 12:20:27
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why shouldn't we call pepeni a fool as its not an insult but a fact . All these scandals ,tribal ethnic biased anti Akan ministerial appointments non action on worthy projects and action on foolishness and stupid corrupt deals. his mentor is kuffuor whose greatest achievement was to give all our gold fields to foreigners who dont invest a single penny in our economy but take out over 10 billion dollars a year . his weak ayigbe national security could not advise him to do what president putin of russia did , nationalise the mines and give it to local corrupt Akans and others , then tax them well. instead we run around trying to borrow this same money and watch as the various superpowers play with us , where is the wisdom in that ? pepeni you a big fool and chronically retarded as you have no shame, integrity , honor or decency yourself . you can only understand indecency and insults as thats what gets registered. instead of going out there to acquire technologies that will create jobs, factories and self reliance for our people you attend useless meetings that bring nothing. you have failed us like all the others before you and we look forward gloomy future because you wont step aside so those with courage knowledge and real projects based on sound macroeconomics take over. commot from there

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09-21 07:31
incompetence and lack of morals
insight to the bone
09-21 12:20