Politics of Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Bala Maikankan: PNC Is The Best Way To A Better Ghana

Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Peoples National Convention Bala Maikanan has called on Ghanaian to look to the PNC for better and a more people centered leadership.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter, the former Parliamentary Candidate for the party in the Ablekuma North Constituency, cautioned Ghanians on the habitual substitute of the NDC for the NPP when either of them fail to deliver on their promises and provide solution to problems confronting the country is depriving the country of its fair share of development.. According to him, the believe by the NPP and NDC that they are always the automatic replacement, has generated complacency amongst the so called two biggest parties in the country. He said a PNC Government can be counted on to deliver to Ghanian people because they would not want to revisit the hardship of opposition.

"After being in opposition for over 30 years, we have learnt alot of lessons and know how to better the lives of Ghanians"

"The only way Ghanians would develop and gain the respect of politicians to vote massively against the NDC and NPP and send a clear signal that Ghanians know what they want and would no longer settle for less." He added.

He further called on the rank and file of the Peoples Nations Convention to rally behind the Hassan Ayariga the presidential candidate as he is gradually winning the heart of the youth and command a great deal of respect amongst the elderly.

"In Hassan Ayariga, we have a young patriotic flag bearer who has the know how to better the lives of Ghanians through his in dept knowledge on entrepreneurship"

"Ghana needs a business oriented person who is not necessary a business tycoon but rather understand the toils of the small and medium scale business sector of our economy."

"This is the man we have in Hassan Ayariga, he has been there and worked his way to the top, this is the man Ghana needs." He concluded.

Reporter: Isaac Kyei Andoh