Politics of Saturday, 17 November 2012

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New Book Redefines CPP

A new book has been published which seeks to redefine the acronym CPP, not just as the Convention Peoples Party, but in a variety of ways that includes Creating Prosperity for the People, Country of Peaceful People, Chief, People and Party, Continent of Progress Possibilities, etc. The lists of such reinterpretation of the CPP are in the dozens. The author is Kabu Okai-Davies, a PhD holder in Creative Communications who is pursuing a second doctorate in Political Science and is the 2012 CPP Korle Klottey candidate for Parliament.
Dr Okai-Davies brings a creative interpretation to the political ideas that have shaped the vision of the Convention Peoples Party.
In Redefining CPP Kabu Okai-Davies issues a call to CPP members and supporters to revitalize the party, and draw on its principles and past to develop policies that will lead Ghana, and Africa, to a brighter future. In a series of passionate and patriotic essays, Okai-Davies exhorts the CPP members to re-imagine, reinterpret and reshape its message for a new Ghana, while drawing on its past principles and history. He shows how the party can use its great legacy as an inspiration and a source of strength in a new way forward to secure democracy and development. He sets out a strategy for the CPP to redefine the politics of Ghana.
Okai-Davies also re-examines Nkrumah’s life and shows how it can serve as a model for Africans to transform themselves and their lives in the service of higher ideals. The CPP Candidate affirms that the legacy of Nkrumah contains vital lessons for Ghana and Africa today. Ghana’s pan- African mission continues and it can only be fulfilled, he argues, through the CPP pioneering an African renewal. He proclaims that the CPP can once again shape the future of Ghana and redefine the destiny of the African continent in the 21st century.
The book is dedicated to the members of the Convention Peoples Party, the 2012 CPP Presidential campaign and to the future of democracy in Africa. It is worth reading if you want to understand how the CPP must redefine itself in order to reinvent itself as a political force for Change, Prosperity and Progress.
Kabu Okai-Davies will launch his book officially on Thursday 15th November, 12.30 pm at the International Press Centre, Accra, and will also be at the CPP head office at Asylum Down, Accra; to autograph copies of the book, from 2 – 5pm; on Friday 16 and 23, November 2012. Copies of the book can also be purchased at the CPP head office.