Politics of Saturday, 17 November 2012

Source: The Catalyst

NPP ‘Dog’ On The Loose In Kumasi

A worrying trend, of the display of violent tendencies with impunity, is emerging among members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), with members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) being the targets of these dastardly acts, as the December 7 polls draw near. The latest member of the Akufo-Addo-led opposition party to engage in the nauseating behaviour is one Hopson Adorye, a member of NPP communications team who, like a dog would jump on its prey, nearly squeezed life out of Donkor Fuseini, an NDC rep on a radio programme in Kumasi without provocation, and has since chosen to hide from the police who have been looking for him.
It is for this reason that executives and members of the Ashanti Regional branch of the ruling party have petitioned the National House of Chiefs, National Peace Council, Institute of Economic Affairs Code of Conduct Enforcement Body and the Ashanti Regional Police Command to conduct a thorough investigation into the senseless attack on their communication team member.
They have called on the police to rather up their job and be the first to arrest the violent NPP member for his crime before any citizen’s arrest by them. This they believe would be in the interest of peace and security.
Hon Donkor Fuseni was attacked physically by NPP’s Hopeson Adoryeh on the night of Saturday November 10, 2012 during a live programme on Kesben FM in Kumasi.
The producers of the political talk show programme, which deliberately empanelled three NPP persons against one NDC rep, in the course of the show generated a heated argument, which Hopeson Adorye saw as a glorious opportunity to carry out the party’s ‘all-die-be-die’ agenda. Mindful that the programme was still on air, the violent NPP rep attacked the Donkor Fuseini unprovoked and gave him heavy slaps before hitting him on the head and neck with chair he picked at the studio, sending the NDC rep crashing to the floor.
This did not stop the ‘all die be die militant’ who further pounced on his ‘prey’ and sank a few more hefty blows into his body.
Lack however shone on Donkor Fuseini when the others in the studio tried to stop the prowling Hopeson Adorye, giving the NDC communicator some respite to run out of the studio for his dear life.
At a recent press conference in Kumasi, organised by the NDC in the Ashanti region, Mr. Joseph Yamin, the Ashanti regional Secretary of the party disclosed that the case has been reported to the Striking Force Unit of the Regional Police Command.
He stated that they acknowledged the need for sober heads to prevail in this dire period of the campaigns towards the elections, but made it clear that (...members of the NDC wished to state that intimidation and physical assaults geared at fomenting mayhem would be resisted by all our strength to ensure all members of our party are duly protected.”
He mocked that the NPP, which was going seek the face of God for the elections, would on the verge of such sanctified project encourage its members to physically attack their opponents.
According to him, this exposed the NPP’s so-called thanksgiving service as a face-saving project, aimed at re-packaging the sordid image of their presidential candidate, Akufo-Addo.
He cited that, the NPP cannot hide its real identity- violent identity- and that is why they will hatch a plan together with some of their members to work with Kesben FM to empanel three NPP members including one bad pretender who calls himself an independent analyst against only one NDC member on the show.
He said the NDC saw the attack on Fuseni Donkor as a careful and conscious plan by the NPP and some elements at Kesben FM.
The NDC regional secretary revealed that “The Ashanti Regional Branch of NDC hereby boycotts all political talk shows organized by Kesben FM and or its assigned agents.”
Meanwhile Kesben FM is being accused of possibly obstructing justice, as it is suspected of providing a safe haven for the marauding NPP communicator when the police stormed the station minutes after his violent act but were told he had left, even though scores of NDC supporters who were around to ensure the coward did not runaway did not see him leave.
As at the time of going to bed yesterday, five clear days after the violent incident, Hopeson Adorye has still not been found by the police.