Politics of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: Thykingdom Kudesey/ The Republic

Beware of Karbo!!- DIG

The Democratic Institute of Ghana (DIG) has called on Ghanaians to rise up in total condemnation of the latest plot by the New Patriotic Party’s National Youth Organiser Anthony Karbo to target the Police and Military, especially senior officers of Ewe ethnic extraction, and very important national institutions including the Electoral Commission.
In a statement copied to The Republic by the DIG, its rector Mr. Ametor-Quarmyne described Karbo’s attempt to cause mayhem in the run-up to the December elections as the scariest of all and cautioned Ghanaians not wait for the harm to be done before pouring out sermons of platitudes.
According to the DIG “This plot is most disturbing because in the recent past, NPP operatives including Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Party’s Presidential candidate, Hon. Kennedy Agyepong, Mr. Sammy Awuku, Deputy Communications Director of the NPP campaign, and Mr. Anthony Karbo, then the National Youth Organizer of the NPP have all made scary statements bordering on disturbing the peace and stability of our dear nation.”
The DIG however stressed that, this diabolical plan also makes room for the recruitment of mercenaries from our neighbouring countries to launch attacks on the innocent citizens of Ghana in his singular desire to make the nation ungovernable hence paving way for the NPP to usurp political power.
The statement also made reference to the fact that, the most callous plan fits well into Karbo’s earlier threat made last year that, “if the NPP did not win this year’s elections, then there will be Afghanistan in this country.” “Meaning that the NPP will plunge the country into war” it added.
The institute cautioned that, this threat must not be treated lightly, since the NPP has defied all odds and are publicly inciting their supporters to physical take their political opponents. The DIG stated that, this is a matter for the security agencies to deal with using all the powers at their disposal adding that, “it must not be tagged as a political witch hunt.”
It further expressed willingness to join all Ghanaians in condemning the supposed diabolical plot which it says has the tendency to wreck the peace and stability Ghanaians have worked tirelessly for since the advent of the forth republic twenty years ago.