Politics of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: Thykingdom Kudesey / The Republic

Akufo Addo ‘Cons’ Voltarians

After Karbo and Ken Agyapongs’ Tribal Chants

After patently failing as a leader to call his party boys to order for inciting ethnic hatred against Ewes, Mr. William Akufo Addo, the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is in the Volta Region asking for votes. He is yet to condemn rages of his party youth Organizer, and financier, Mr. Anthony Karbo and Kenedy Agyapong respectively that have incited hatred and violence targeted at people in the region particularly Ewes.

He has himself used tribal politics as a major arsenal in an attempt to destabilize the Volta Region by stereotyping the Ewe tribe as a rib of the NDC, considering the greater number of vote cast in favour of the NDC in the past. It is however a regrettable state of affair seeing Akufo Addo and the NPP’s desperation to govern a multi-tribe nation like Ghana, hence has refused to caution party faithful and top executive members against the repercussions of engaging in tribal politics. Yet, he has decided to muddy the water by tagging the NPP as an Akan party (“Yen Akan fuo”). It has since not been clear what wrong the Ewe tribe has done against the NPP which has left them exposed to public threats and supposed undercover plots by their allies. The NPP Member of Parliament for Asin–North Kennedy Agyapong couldn’t help but unleash his anger, threatening and inciting the Akans to raise weapons against Ewes and natives of other tribes living in the Ashanti region following a clash between NPP and NDC supporters in the Odododiodio constituency in Accra. This happened during the Biometric Voter registration exercise by the Electoral Commission and has nothing to do with the Ewe tribe. The flagbearer of the NPP who deliberately refused to publicly condemn the treasonable statements made by his top executive and financier of the party, was later found in the Volta Region asking them to stop “voting one way” in favour of the NDC Having threatened to turn Ghana into Afghanistan should the NPP loose the December 7 elections, the National youth organizer of the NPP, Anthony Karbo, has worsen the situation after a release of a secret tape recording alleged to be his voice. The tape however reveals that the NPP National Youth Organizer is deploying missionaries to destabilize top ranking security personnels believed to be Ewes and cause mayhem using missionaries from neighbouring African countries. After maintaining his silence on the “Karbo Gate Tape”, Nana Addo met with the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and assured them of his unflinching commitment for a peaceful election in December.

Having failed to address the dislike for the majority of Ewes, Nana Addo is reportedly saying he is ready to positively improve the lives of the people in the region. He also held a rally which party bigwigs describe as “mammoth” given the poor support the party garnered in the region in previous elections.

The NPP again has made it seem like it is a crime for a particular tribe to show a relentless solidarity for a particular Political Party in Ghana. The issue of political stereotyping in Ghana under the Kufuor led NPP administration became rife when businessmen with Ewe names are referred to as “Ayigbefuo” and automatically tagged as NDC faithful. This has affected businesses with Ewe owners since they are hardly tolerated by the Government. High ranked officials within the public and civil services, as well as Ewes occupying influential positions in the security services, are reported to have lost their jobs.