Politics of Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Source: Andoh, Isaac Kyei

Abuga Pele Vows to Reclaim Chiana Paga Seat

The National Coordinator of the National Youth Employment Program and Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate for Chiana Paga Constituency, Hon. Abuga Pele and assure party of an overwhelming victory come the 2012 Parliamentary Elections. According to him, the Constituency has been able to resolve the differences that enabled the incumbent NPP Member of Parliament to sneak through for the very first time. Speaking exclusively to this reporter, Hon. Pele revealed that though nobody can be holistically sure of winning an election until it is conducted, candidate rely heavily on the view of people, the performance of the incumbent and his popularity to draw conclusions.

According to him, the performance of the incumbent and the massive call of the people on him to come rescue them from poor leadership of the incumbent attest to the fact that the NPP has no future in the constituency. Hon. Abuga Pele who was the Member of Parliament for the area until he lost to Mr. Leo Kaba in 2008 elections, believes that the issues that led to his defeat have been resolved and clarified respectively. He said. “Today the people have regretted voting against me based on the rumors that I led the situation of the District Capital in Paga because the know it is the NPP government that selected Paga.

He said that despite the fact that he is no longer the Member of Parliament for the area, he still remains the point of contact when the people are in need. He added that many of the people who benefitted from the scholarship scheme he instituted with 60 percent of his common fund and are no longer befitting from this social centered initiative are straggling to take are of the education of their children because they have been neglected by the current member of Parliament. The aspirant who showed concern on the inability of many students to further their education to Tertiary level said through his own efforts he has supported a lot of students in his area into tertiary institutions. “There are still more students in the area who have qualified to enter tertiary institutions but cannot go. When I win the seat, the first thing I will do is to set up an Education Endowment Fund to tackle the educational problems in the area.”

He indicated as regrettable that the Kassena-Nankana East District Assembly could not sponsor more students to enter tertiary. He said, " As a district Assembly, one of the cardinal objectives is to build the human resource capacity of the Area and this is an area where a greater chunk of my common fund would be channeled to" He added, " I would also work hand in hand with who ever is made the District Chief executive to ensure that future of a greater percentage of the people is secured. According to Hon. Pele, the Chiana-Paga Constituency was endowed with a lot of natural resources which could be tapped for development but unfortunately, the Assembly had failed to utilise them and cited the Paga Crocodile pound and the Slave Camp there as examples.

He said when he wins the Constituency seat he would assist the Assembly to get development partners to develop the area’s tourist sites to attract more tourists that would generate more employment and income for the people. Hon. Pele called on Assembly members in the area to be more proactive to ensure that they get more developmental projects to their respective communities to enable them win the confidence of the people.

"Politics is about service to the people and once that is overlooked for personal Comfort, the trust of the people can never be regained"

“I will bring all the assembly members in my constituency on board when I get the nod to brainstorm and to assist them to lobby for more development projects for their respective localities”.

Mr. Pele said he had started lobbying with development partners for his constituency and had gotten more of them which would bring development projects to his constituency, and said he was confident he would win the seat by over five thousands votes and stressed that the figure should be put on record.

Reporter: Isaac Kyei Andoh