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NDC takes a lead in 72 confirmed presidential results

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Torbgui Amexoxo IV.
2008-12-09 13:40:44
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pathetic news - latest NEWS

What is our problem Beryl of USA. Pardon me, but u must ber an Ashanti because you seem to be so engrossed in telling every reader here on this website you are the USA. First of all, where do you live there and what do you do? Some of us know too much and haveen too much for you to arrogantly use such acronyms as if they mean something in todays Ghana.
Secondly,if you are able to tell me and the readers here where you live is an excusive neighbourhood we might perhaps put you in the league you are desperately seeking to be recognised with.Let me tell you here and now you are a nobody in Ghana and you are a nobdy in America, even if your claims of domiciling there is true.Simply because, some of us have studied, lived worked there and we know how low most of you are so stop it, and don't brag any further because you would not even be counted when we are all called.Twiaaaaaa!

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12-09 10:08
Re: pathetic news - latest NEWS
Torbgui Amexoxo IV.
12-09 13:40