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Nduom urges Ghanaians to vote CPP back to power

Comment: Re: Ghanaian Mothers Against NPP

Black Hero
2008-04-24 16:54:17
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Ghanaian Mothers Against NPP

I agree with you about the failings of the NPP. But how sure are you that CPP will bring jobs? Rawlings was failing Ghana so we decided to give Kufour the benefit of the doubt and voted him in. He has not delivered on his promises.
All the time that NPP was partying Nduom sat and enjoyed himself with them. How can we be sure he will not end up as Kufour or even worse?
What we should be doing in Ghana is ask the candidates how they intend to fulfill their promises. It is easy to say I will do what Nkrumah did. How is he going to do it? We should not believe people simply based on their personality, they should present a comprehensive plan of action before we trust them.

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04-24 02:01
Re: Ghanaian Mothers Against NPP
Black Hero
04-24 16:54