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‘I had differences with Atta Mills but he was an outstanding personality’ – Rawlings

Comment: Crazy unbelievably dumb Ghanaians

Yaa Mansa
2020-07-25 10:00:56
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Re: ‘I had differences with Atta Mills but he was

You all nay not find Rawlings' way of saying things ok, but if Ghana had 10 of him, this country would be way better than it is.
Going by the opinions here, one can guarantee that almost 100% of Ghanaians see farthest than the tip of their nose tips. Sorry, this country is never going to get out of stagnation. It's heading straight into precipice!

You merit "tout à fait" the thieves and idiots lording it over you. Good luck!

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07-24 15:32
Crazy unbelievably dumb Ghanaians
Yaa Mansa
07-25 10:00