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‘I had differences with Atta Mills but he was an outstanding personality’ – Rawlings

Comment: Nonsense

Yaa Mansa
2020-07-25 09:52:43
Comment to:

Nonsense! Who brought Mills into politics? Mills was handpicked, I mean unilateral by Rawlings ahead of everyone else because of his perception Mills has the character, temperament and integrity required for the position he was entrusting upon him!

When NDC won the election from Kufuor, Rawlings advised that offices be closed by Mills to prevent stealing, pilfering and hijacking of compromising documents and files by the outgoing NPP officials. Mills demurred that he was father of the nation, and also to demonstrate he wasn't going to be a "poodle", so much peddled in the media.
What happened later shocked him Mills, himself. NPP stole over 1000 government vehicles and the MoFA got burned soon after. We all knew deals that went on there under Akufo-Addo! That was Rawlings' beef. We know this same NPP jailed people for what some didn't even do.

I am apolitical, so allay your bad opinions if you harbor any.

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07-24 15:32
Yaa Mansa
07-25 09:52