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Politics of Sunday, 2 October 2016


Bless my forms - PPP candidate implores Bongo Chief

With a fleet of motorcycles steeplechased by young and energetic youth, parliamentary candidate of the Progressive Peoples Party, PPP George Ae-engibinge Afaari standing and waving at residents on top of his party branded white Tundra Pickup, dressed in a PPP coloured smock all white with a red neck tie, stormed the palace of the traditional overlord of Bongo to present his nomination form for ancestral blessings before they were released to the Electoral commission of Ghana.

The enthused and charged supporters of the PPP were happily and optimistically dancing to the local drums popular called “Abongo Bongo” through the principal streets of Bongo and made a stop in front of the chief palace where he was ceremonially seated with his elders to receive the party.

Addressing the Bongo Naba and his elders, Mr. Afaari said he saw it necessary to seek the ancestral blessings and final clearance from his ‘father’ before submitting his nomination forms to the EC.

According to him it would be disrespectful on his part to ”by- pass” the traditional rulers who are the custodians of the land which he is seeking for political power to present nomination forms to the EC. Mr. Afaari therefore appealed to the chief and Elders for their blessings before he could submit his forms.

The Bongo Naba expressed gratitude to the PPP for recognizing the traditional rulers and called on the ‘gods’ of the land to make their decision since in the upcoming elections they know the right person to lead the area.

“ I am very grateful to you for recognizing us and our role in this area, all what I can say is that may the gods of Bongo see you through in the path you have chosen…they can decide who to lead Bongo and if they think you are the right person, what can we say?” He said.

Naba Lemyarum used the opportunity to commend the various political parties for the stable peace in the district and urged them not to incite their supporters against other political parties which is capable of creating chaos in the elections.

Three Candidates and political parties are in the race for the Parliamentary seat. George Ae-engbinge Afaari of PPP, Edward Abambire, NDC and Gabriel Ade Agana of the NPP.

Meanwhile, filing of Nomination in the upper East Region has been successful.

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