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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for shameful, wrong behaviour' - Adei

Comment: Prof Adei is wrong on this one !!

Haile Mariam
2019-07-17 10:40:04
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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for

The old man is wrong on this one. He should go and shave his gray beard and come back to talk señse. The young man was simply exercising his right to free speech and the right to protest the senseless insensitivity of Parliament. He was just being a citizen not a spectator. Ernesto must be commended for his bold protest rather. I passionately abhor the usual Ghanaian reference to " elderly this, elderly that". Look at what the elderly has done to our society 60 something years after independence.

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07-17 09:42
Prof Adei is wrong on this one !!
Haile Mariam
07-17 10:40