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Forgive me; frustration got me – Parliament 'suicide man'

Comment: Re: Frustration ? Ghana is working now.

2019-06-15 22:12:28
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Frustration ? Ghana is working now.

But I think this guy is not two or 3 years old. What was he doing when Atta Mills and mahama was a the office and what was he doing when mahama completely took in charge? So why did he want to kill himself today.?
Where have he sent his cv to?
Ghanafo,I think there is a problem here. The problem is the difference between npp and Ndc. It seems npp don't just give money or job to people because they are members of their party. Looking for job? Send your cv and you will be call for an interview. If you qualified, you get a job. Bam

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Re: Frustration ? Ghana is working now.
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