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Wa Polytechnic manufactures solar lamps

Comment: Good Idea, BUT THE FEES ... !!!!-????

2010-07-25 23:32:57
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Wa Polytechnic manufactures solar lamps

Congrats WA POLY. I congratulate you for your initiative for bringing relief to the people in darkness.

That is a laudable project. Thanks.

My next comments that I know very well that you will not like is this.

Why do you have to charge the poor folk GH¢1.00 recharging fees?

That part I do not understand, my friends. The difficult part, is making the lamps, due to the cost involved in acquiring and assembling the parts, like the battery, bulb, the lamp casing, etc.

Why do you leave out the most vital part. The MINI SOLAR PANELS, that can enable them charge their lamps on their own?
A Mini or Micro solar panel, the size of 6 x 12 inches dimension, should cost around GH¢10.00 to GH¢15.00, using local materials like aluminum frames or even wooden frames with glass, plus the solar cells and some wires.
(The solar cells are cheap. It costs about GH¢1.00 or equivalent. Go to site and search, Solar Cells.)

What you guys have done is like giving somebody a bicycle and taking away the pump, and tellig him that you will charge him some fee anytime you pump his tire. Or teaching somebody to fish and giving them a hook and saying, you will charge them a fee anytime they need a bait the hook.

To the WA POLY Guys, I say that the idea or the project to help the people is good, BUT LET IT BE WHOLE.

Manufacture simple solar chargers for them to use on their own, instead of charging them fees do charge their lamps.
(Doing the calculations. If they charge their lamps once a week, that amounts to about GH¢52.00 a year. If you charge them GH¢25.00 for the whole unit, with the solar charger panel even made of wooden frames, they could use it for more that 2 years or more.)
Let Us Demystify Solar Power. We can do it.

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Good Idea, BUT THE FEES ... !!!!-????
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