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Wa Polytechnic manufactures solar lamps

Comment: BRAVOO, GHANA !

Abu, Aachen, Germany.
2010-07-25 13:21:36
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Wa Polytechnic manufactures solar lamps

What more can I say ?. Bravoo, Ghana. I am overjoyed. At least, a step forward. What next? Solar radios, solar aircrafts. Thanks to all those who make my dream come true. I hope the Ministry of Education will take over from here. More grease to your elbows, Jirapa, and for that matter, Ghana. We are surely moving forward, even from the so-called deprived areas. Bravoo, I salute the brains behind this project.

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07-25 13:20
Abu, Aachen, Germany.
07-25 13:21