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Ghanaian asylum seeker charged with rape in Germany

Comment: He is another Ashanti drug peddler

2017-10-18 10:26:53
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Ghanaian asylum seeker in court for rape

Yes I agree with you Joseph, one does not need a rocket scientist to tell one the ethnicity of this Eric guy. Judging from the complexion of this Eric guy, the guy is as dark as any Ashanti man, probably as dark as Ashantehene.Due to their low level of education, all what these Ashantis do out there in the diaspora is money laundering, drug peddling, rape and all form of vices ,tarnishing the image of Nkrumah's Ghana

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10-17 19:03
Onyame Nipa(Man of God)
10-17 20:20
He is another Ashanti drug peddler
10-18 10:26