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Ghanaian asylum seeker charged with rape in Germany

Comment: Lol. Look at illitrates LMFAO! Eiiii

Nancy Adobea
2017-10-18 04:06:05
Comment to:
Re: Nationality check

The fool said he is not Ghanaian because there’s no Ghanaian called Eric X . Eiiiiiiiiii. So these fools does not know that they are trying to hide his surname as he isn’t convicted yet. They will release his full name after conviction. With so many Ghanaians living in Hamburg so you fools does not realise that if he isn’t Ghanaian someone would have said something . Please go to Hamburg and Hanover and see the way Ghanaians behave especially women smh

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10-17 19:03
Lol. Look at illitrates LMFAO! Eiiii
Nancy Adobea
10-18 04:06
Onyame Nipa(Man of God)
10-17 20:20