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Ghanaian asylum seeker charged with rape in Germany

Comment: You don't know

2017-10-17 21:03:58
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Ghanaian asylum seeker in court for rape

When such happens we jump to conclusions. To err is human. That said, I wish some of you would sit on the bench on which Eric is sitting. It is not soft padded rather, it has pins and knives. When he has served his sentence(s) and returned home, I would that you meet him and find out. Shock, regret, and disbelieve and sympathy would not be enough. Perhaps, regret and annoyance would be more of what you would have for this man. Don't judge, for you don't understand the system. I have seen many like this, and in the end it turns out that either he did not do it, was not present, was framed, or something else.
His tribe has nothing to do with what happened, neither where he comes from. I am your fellow Ghanaian, working in law enforcement, have seen many things. Even some admit that they did it, because they were psychologically and mentally attacked and they broke down. I know what is out there. It is jungle here.

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10-17 19:03
Onyame Nipa(Man of God)
10-17 20:20
You don't know
10-17 21:03