Diasporian News of Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Source: Frank Goka

Amansan Radio Dazzles NYC Audience

“…at 2014 Annual Ghana Parade Picnic”
Amansan Radio in collaboration with other sponsors, propelled the Ghana Parade Council, New York to stage yet another ecstatic Annual Ghana Parade Picnic at the evergreen Crotona Park in the Bronx which left the exuberant crowd chanting for “...one more song...one more song!”, in their quest to plead for extra time from the diligent NYPD Cops at the peak time, on Saturday 9th August 2014.
The Radio Station, with a primary aim of serving as the mouth-piece of Ghanaians in general and other Africans within and beyond the Empire State is gradually permeating every Street, Avenue, Road and Boulevard of the City with its holistically designed programs. One of the Station’s finest presenters—D.J Wasty, a whiz-kid in the showbiz industry anchored the agile and rhythmical youth around his waist with a blend of Azonto and Dancehall music brewed from mostly Ghana and Nigeria which kept the fans on their feet entirely . Even the few “geriatric folks” who couldn’t stand on their feet due to various joint aches were seen wiggling their body-parts in synchrony to the movable songs.
The reigning Ghana’s Dancehall King—Shatta Wale was billed to wallow the crowd but was indisposed. Nonetheless, a Canada-based Ghanaian-born reggae legend Kwesi Selassie (The Lion of Africa) roared the crowd with some of his reggae collections. He added “more problems” to my elderly folks who were conversant with his heyday signature hit song “Many Problems”. But wait a minute! If you think it was only the elders that had “problems” on the day, you are wrong! The youth had their shares when a group of three pretty talented young “apuskelekes” (sexy ladies) known as the SOB Dancers, in their micro-mini skirts enchanted the audience with their well-choreographed moves to some R&B and African tunes which won thunderous applause from all—loudest from the males. Oh yes, the energetic lads were yelling “…more …more!” in the plea to have the ladies glued to the stage for reasons best known to their eyes!
It was rather a bit disappointing that Ghanaian culture and traditions were not well showcased on the day but the “Adowa and Kpalongo” ensemble thrilled the expectant crowd with indigenous music and dances.
Keynote address was delivered by the dutiful Congresswoman Vanessa L. Gibson of the 16th Congressional District, Bronx. She recounted the progress Ghanaians and other African migrants are making in the City to make life worth living for themselves and their families through education and hard works. She introduced two recipients of scholarship awards her office had instituted and urged the youth to work harder to achieve such laurels. She demonstrated that being an elected official is not limited to the chambers alone; it requires dynamism and Ms. Gibson proved it when she took on the prolific polylinguist—Papa Lincs (the MC) on Ghanaian breed “Azonto” dance which she skillfully executed.
The event was transmitted live on Amansan Radio networks with positive feedbacks from our cherished listeners globally. Present at the event were Mr. Adusei (host: Your Health Program) Mr. Mills (Engineer), Mr. Ofori Koranteng (aka Original Doctor)—host: “This is our Time” (Yen Mere Nie). Other Presenters were: Grace Imo –host: Diaspora Matters (Abrokyire Nsem) & I Love You Show; Abbey Stone ( Family Values/ Upper Room Prayerline; Catherine Cudjoe (Key Mama Show), Sister Ramsey—co-host: Your Health Program, Apostle Lord, Yaw Anaafi (Amansan Sports; DJ Wasty ( Safe Drive) and the versatile DJ Africa—host: African Beats. Watch out for our next outreach program soon.
Amansan Radio! We are indeed, the Station with a voice you can truly believe in!
As observed by:
Frank Goka
Amansan Radio, NY