Diasporian News of Friday, 18 July 2014

Source: Justice K. Asante

Rev. Emmanuel Agyei’s Prophetic Message

Last week a man of God Rev. Owusu Bempah shared his revelations about possible unrest in Ghana in the near future and asked for massive prayers for avert the visions he saw.

Around the same time, a Ghanaian Prophet who is now based in the UK shared his vision which he strongly feels must be shared with the world and also asks all believers and non believers to pray with him for Almighty God’s intervention. In brief, among the many things he saw in his vision were 2 catastrophic accidents in public areas in a place that looked like the western world. In the first public place incident, he saw a large air borne object fall on innocent people and properties in a public place and kept moving on the ground hurting and killing screaming people. The second was a stadium disaster which looked like a structural collapse.

He also saw that the missing plane could be found as a result of what he called “the sea vomiting anything that belongs to the earth.” This could take a form of a tsunami or some sort of natural fierce deep sea storms that can damage both human lives and property especially along the coastal areas of both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Lastly, he mentioned that President Obama should seek prayers and consult his men of God in order to pray to alleviate any unexpected natural disasters he Rev Emmanuel Agyei saw in his visions. He said what he saw was so severe that it needed huge sums of unbudgeted funds to the extent that it affected US economy just around when President Obama is about to end his term. Even though he did not specify what the disaster was, he said it could be storm related or again something that could be along the coastal areas.

The purpose of sharing this is that we all keep praying for God’s own Mercy and believe that he can redeems us all from any such catastrophic that He has revealed.

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