Diasporian News of Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Source: NPP-USA

NPP-USA Condemns John Mahama's Reckless Tribal Comments.

In a jingoistic fashion, President John Dramani Mahama has displayed his tribalistic nature and rabid hatred for Ashantis during his recent tour of the region. The recklessness displayed during his familiarization tour of Ashanti Region must be condemned by all peace loving Ghanaians, because such ignition of tribal hatred by people in power has been a trigger for many a civil strife in countries. As a historian, John Mahama should have known better.

The undemocratic, corrupt and incompetent NDC, with its reckless and morally corrupt leader, President Mahama, cheering, blared in loudspeakers through Kumasi and its municipalities, the latest Lumba song, “Yentie Obiara”, meaning we will not listen to anybody. Really? The corrupt NDC that has killed the once buoyant Ghanaian economy will not listen to any one? And in a childish turn about, just about a week after this arrogant display of gross insensitivity, this same NDC wants other members of the society to come together in an economic forum to bail them out from sinking the economy. Where are the empty heads that followed Mahama and danced to Yentie Obiara?

Those needless and inappropriate tribal comments not worthy of reprinting have exposed John Mahama’s covert tribal political agenda. As the leader of the nation, we expect John Mahama to know better. But it is obvious he is bent on consolidating political power through tribal politics after his corruption, cronyism, nepotism have exposed his unprecedented incompetence in managing Ghana. His create-loot-and-share government is appalling, to say the least. He is ready to trade the peace and stability of our nation for political power, through tribal politics. He couldn’t care less what happens thereafter. This is the mentality of a selfish and wicked man as shown in John Mahama.

Now having erred, and to have owned up to his tribal effusion unbecoming of a state official, let alone a president, John Mahama has shown his other side by doctoring the very tape that exposed him. This doctored tape has emerged after the deputy minister of information, Mahama Ayariga confirmed the reckless statement of John Mahama, but went ahead to defend it. It is therefore utterly ridiculous for a doctored tape to have emerged after such a defense. Indeed, John Mahama has shown that he is still wallowing in PNDC's communist inferior tactics. This shows how shameless, insensitive and ruthless John Mahama is. A tribal bigot leading our nation!

He didn’t end there, he has further deployed Rose Bio Atinga's police force to cow the disenchanted Ghanaians who have listened to the tape and got irritated by it. The issuance of a statement by the police is a sad occurrence. The very police who are the guards of peace and justice have turned their back on John Mahama's reckless tribal statements, which have the capacity to dismantle the cherished peace that Ghana enjoys.

Now, one begins to wonder if John Mahama is living in another country. The so-called projects John Mahama accused Ashantis of not appreciating are non-existent. What is there for Ashantis to appreciate? The "Kume Preko" capitation policy, which he has forced on Ashantis? The hardship and despondency in the country are not limited to the Ashanti region alone, but across the country. The cry of hardship from the average Ghanaian has been ear splitting, echoing from all the four corners of the country. It is therefore infantile on the part of John Mahama to pour his acidic frustration on those in Ashanti region.

It is not too late; if John Mahama cannot better the lives of the people, he should just vacate the post. SADA, GYEEDA, WOYOME among others are lingering corrupt scandals that the bad mouth Mahama government should fix.

We will, at this point, entreat John Mahama to apologize to the good people of

Ashanti or face the wrath of the people. Ghana is fast-moving into a dungeon, and that is what Mahama needs to tackle. We are tired of his flippant and unguarded tribal utterances. It happened in Kyebi and now Kumasi. Where next?

Public Relations Committee, NPP-USA