Diasporian News of Monday, 14 April 2014


NPP-Italy congratulates new NPP national executives

On behalf of the Branch Chairman and the entire Patriots of NPP-ITALY, I would like to congratulate the New National Chairman, Mr. Paul Afoko and the entire National Executives elect on the impressive victory in the elections held at Tamale. You have successfully earned the positions to be national officers of NPP. With the support of all, we the members of NPP-ITALY are sure that you are going to exercise your duties to deliver the nation from the failing government of the pNDC.

One of the most exhilarating things for a winner is to know that he was not alone in scaling the heights of that position. As the National Chairman reiterated “Prepare for Victory 2016”, NPP-ITALY commends the entire delegates for peaceful congress. Once again you have proven to the whole world that notwithstanding the fact that the party is in opposition, NPP stands tall. Your participation and your enthusiasm gives hope that yes NPP has future, NPP is the only party which has better plans for the nation and together we can prepare for victory 2016.

NPP has won the Tamale congress. There is no looser in internal elections. NPP-ITALY once again advises the new executives to honor diversity not division. Remember the advice from one the founding members- Mr. Charles K. Tedam: “United we Stand, Divided We fall”. The party needs unity to recapture power come 2016. Never despise the talents in those who contested you. Make every effort to bring them on board as you plan to strategize victory 2016. If one neglects the past, he cannot predict the future. Crack the rigging code used by STL, let EC make provision for result to be sent from the coalition centers direct the Strong Room not via the regional capitals etcetera.

NPP-ITALY heartily congratulates you all. We all trust you and your patriotism, we are sure that you are going to be great leaders for this tenure of office. Congratulations!

The Elephant shall return. Long live NPP.