Diasporian News of Saturday, 15 March 2014

Source: Tsi-Tsi Mashinini, UHURU TIMES

Kwame Mayor Seeks $30 Million from Donors

to Run for NPP Flagbearership, to Win Ghana's Presidential Election in 2016

Assuring Ghana's Opposition Party (NPP) Disciples that he is the only Charismatic, Pan-Africanist, Creative, and Global Politician to help NPP win Landslide, in Presidential Election 2016 --- former Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, and California Governoral Candidate --- Kwame Appiah Boateng, populary known by Ghanaians around the World as "Kwame Mayor", has posted on his famouse Website, WWW.GhanaWebsite.Org, that he is seeking more than $30 Million from Donors, Investors, Ghanaians around the World, Friends of Ghana, Friends of Africa, American Friends of Ghana, Chinese Friends of Ghana, Nigerian Friends of Ghana, Ivorian Friends of Ghana, Liberian Friends of Ghana, Korean Friends of Ghana, Japanese Friends of Ghana, etc, etc, to run for NPP Flagbearership, and challenge Nana Akuffo Addo, who is too old, and could (God Forbid !!!), be heading towards Osu Cemetary, like "Paa Willie", one of Ghana's "Big Six", who was Kwame Mayor's Political Mentor, during UNC days.

The undisputable first indigenous African to run for a higher Public Office in the history of United States, (since America gained its Independence from Great Britain in 1776), who quit the race for California's Governor, to run for President in his Native Country of Ghana, thrilled Ghanaians around the World by publicly pledging to select either Perry Okudzeto, an Ewe, Ms. Elizabeth Ohene, an (Akan-Ewe), Titus Glover, a Ga, or, Ms. Otiko Djaba, a Northerner, as his Running Mate, to secure Landslide Victory for the Pro-American Party in 2016 --- in order to make NPP a National Party, (unlike NDC which is still an extremist Anti-Asante Party) --- WWW.GhanaWebsite.Org, has confirmed.

"Rawlings faction of NDC, should blame themselves for being Extremist, and Terrorizing Anti-Ashantis, and Anti-Americans", said the Pro-American Democracy Activist, and Sophisticated Intellectual Politician, who said that His Excellency, President John Mahama is [not] serious about "Inclusive Government" to develop, or advance Ghana --- although, His Excellency, President Mahama is a better Human Being than former President John Agyekum "Waa Waa" Kufuor, Ghana's Number One C.I.A. Agent, like former Military Junta leader, Jerry John Rawlings

"Former President Kufuor is absolutely Mean-Spirited; Intellectually Bankrupt; a Hypocrite "Son of a Bitch", an "Old Woman in a Man's Cloth", a Homosexual hiding in his Evil Closet, who befriended Homosexual Terrorist --- Mu'ammer Gaddafi; Kufuor, the Mentally-Retarded Liar, who falsely, wickedly, and maliciously accused me of being an Agent of C.I.A., (whereas the whole World knows that C.I.A., and F.B.I. infiltrated Al-Queda Agents are the ones who destroyed my life on Earth); Kufuor --- the Extra-Ordinary '419" Corrupt, and a dangerous Nation Looter !!!", said the fearless Pro-American Democracy Activist.

"Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Mayor, an Alumnus of the prestigious University of Southern California (USC), is the Great Grandson of Asante War Generals, whose Biological Great-Grand Fathers from Adonteng Puduo Royal family of Bamang, near the Kente weaving Village of Bonwire in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, led [all] Ashantis' Glorious wars against Colonialism, and Imperialism perpetuated on African Soil by "Our British White Brothers, and Sisters".

The "Intellectual Playboy Politician", who has dated only Gorgeous, Well-Behaved, Civilized, and Well-Educated Women from different Countries around the World, especially, United States, Ethiopia, Liberia, Ghana, India, Greece, Bolivia, Switzerland, Mexico, etc, etc, said it's time for him to marry a future First Lady of Ghana.

Kwame Mayor's Paternal Uncle, Mr. Joe Appiah, was the first Black Man to marry from the British Royal Family of England --- Mrs Peggy Appiah, who was related to Queen Elizabeth.

Source: Uhuru Times

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