Diasporian News of Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Source: Softhroat

Agitations in NPP-USA Have NDC Roots?

To destroy or not to destroy; that is the question – and apparently a revelation of a grand scheme designed to create chaos in the powerful NPP-USA so that it would be constrained when it comes to influencing elections in Ghana. Thank God for technology today; certain diabolic activities that have climaxed into the constant bashing of Chairman Nana Agyei Yeboah, and a massive movement to stop NPP-USA from reporting its success at the Charlotte, North Carolina Congress, and inspiring future galvanization of election-targeted resources can be revealed so that all these agitations would make sense.

When motives are ignoble, common sense goes out of the window. For example, how can the same people accusing an executive of not calling for a congress in five years (never mind that the executive has NOT been in place for five years yet) also call for the abrogation of the eventually called congress? How can the very people accusing the executive of vote-buying also wire about $9,600 to pay dues for new voters from their southern and Midwestern locations to the treasurer on the final day of voter registering? How can the very people claiming adherence to NPP-USA by-laws also call for the subversion of provisions within those by-laws that insists on full payment of dues as a prerequisite to vote?

Not surprisingly, after the same “guilty” and “corrupt” executive succumbed to the leanings and agreed with the Electoral Committee to extend voter registration and candidacy declaration, there was this rush to usher in new unqualified voters and to field their candidacy. What changed? Softthroat can report on authority that the promised $50,000 they were expecting from Yaw Boateng Gyan, the NDC organizer, did not arrive until the 19th of December to a Wells Fargo account at 739 Battlefield Parkway, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, less than ten miles south of Chatanooga, Tennessee.

Two months earlier, the holder of that account who is not known to be good friends with the Minnesota chapter chairman flew 1,000 miles to pay him a surprised visit in Minneapolis after the latter's bypass surgery. That unexpected visit may have been part of a scheme spanning some United States chapters which includes Columbus, Ohio. This infusion of extra cash from their NDC paymasters, may have been the source of Minnesota chapter’s registration of 28 new voters which includes the chapter vice chairman who has not paid his dues to vote, and has formally protested the anomaly to the Elections Committee.

The pride of NPP-USA had always been its insusceptibility to bribery by the NDC. All that changed at a meeting between one of the chief agitators and Fred Boakye, a Boateng-Gyan operative, which took place in Dansoman on the 23rd of October, 2013. Softthroat is willing to minimize the embarrassment but is prepared to release pictures if the former resident of Chicago who now lives more in Ghana continues this shameful crusade with his destructive henchmen.

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