Diasporian News of Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Source: NPP-USA Public Relations Committee

NPP-USA Condemns John Dramani Mahama’s blasphemy

In Galatians 6:7, the Holy Bible sayeth, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. The sacrilegious outburst of John Mahama on Sunday to the effect that his "victory" was ordained by God (see Ghanaweb.com, June 21 2013 "My victory was ordained by God") is not only ridiculous but also a blasphemous statement that must be condemned by every believer of the true and living God.

If John Mahama has a modicum of fear of the Lord in his heart, he will not be seeking solace in the Supreme Being to glorify and justify the widely and worldly acclaimed fraudulent election in the political history of our nation, as an ordination of God.

Now, John Mahama has turned to seek solace in God by muddying the name of God in his iniquities. But, this certainly cannot be our God. For our God is unblemished and untainted. This blasphemy brings to mind a similar statement John Mahama made during the time when Ghanaians were grieving over the late Prof Mills' death, to the effect that, his ascension to the presidency was ordained by God. Perhaps, the gods of Mahama are capable of killing people and stealing elections to bestow an undeserved presidency on him, but the true God Ghanaians worship is not a cheating, lying and killing God like John Mahama’s gods.

The ongoing Supreme Court petition has clearly revealed to the glare of the entire world that the 2012 elections in Ghana were vitiated with unprecedented irregularities, statutory violations, people voting without biometric verification, over-voting among others, which were purely orchestrated to benefit John Mahama. The question is were these "mess" created by God to fulfill Mahama’s ordination? Certainly not.

How could John Mahama have expended the taxpayers' monies recklessly in vote buying and dirty political machinations and electoral manipulation to win power, while the people are wallowing in abject poverty and hardship, and posit that, the end result of that fraudulent election was from God? It is most probably his gods, but certainly not our Supreme God.

The Mahama government in the run-up to the 2012 elections spent in excess of Ghc 600 million in regard to the budget for the presidency. Again, over Ghc 8 billion was spent in excess of his government's budget for the 2012 fiscal year. Expensive SUV’s were freely given as gifts to chiefs in fragrant disregard of our laws to buy votes. Mahama cars were distributed on University campuses to his girl friends to buy votes for Mahama. With these painful facts still fresh in our memory, and with the chairman of the electoral commission who cannot define “over voting” still in the witness box, how dare Dramani Mahama insult the religious sensibilities of Ghanaians that his stolen victory was ordained by God.

John Mahama and his desperate bunch are clinging to anything but rigging to explain why the legitimacy of his presidency is being challenged in Court. They have gone to a ridiculous extent of using veiled tribalism as one of the reasons. Now that covert attempts to intimidate the court is not working, John Mahama and his Lawyer have resorted to exploit our religious sensibilities by talking about “miracles” and “ordination” from God. Those who consciously denied the manifestation of miracles in the lives of many Ghanaians by sending them to their untimely deaths are now claiming miracle in freeing them from jail.

John Mahama and his NDC can continue to delude themselves into thinking that they can fool Ghanaians all the time, but they should know that God is not mocked. Discerning Ghanaians and people around the world who are watching the Election Petition unfolding in Ghana’s Supreme Court know that God did not ordain John Mahama’s victory in the 2012 election. Mahama cannot transpose Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan for God. NPP-USA fiercely resists that transpositional error on the part of John Mahama and condemns him for the blasphemy.