Diasporian News of Saturday, 9 February 2013

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Tubingen African Festival 2013, near Stuttgart

4th Edition International Tubingen African Festival 2013, near Stuttgart -South Germany

The International African Festival Tubingen, known as AFRICACTIV, has grown
from a local to international audience, striving for quality. The vision
goes beyond just a festival of cultural celebration to promoting African
investments on a bilateral strategy by creating a market for SME African
enterprises to penetrate the European market with products such as
handcrafts, textile and designs, fashion and beauty as well as exposing the
competence of African scholars in all works of arts - literature, theater,
music, film etc.

This event is especially dedicated to the African Diaspora world-wide “It
harnesses a unique culture of family, an embodiment of togetherness,
passion of good music and charms. Our program offers the opportunity for
Africans world-wide to take a holiday in Tubingen. Our programs are
tailored made to suit every need and public -families, kids and youths,
students, entrepreneurs… The festival is compacted and displayed on the
beautiful meadow at the Tubingen festival ground, giving you the
opportunity to enjoy the festival thereby throwing an eye on your kids.

*Tubingen is a beautiful University city located in the south of Germany,
near Stuttgart*

Tubingen is known as the home of scholars. It has a remarkable culture - a
replica of Zanzibar. Since 2010, a group of Africans resident in this area,
decided to make Tubingen a holiday place for all African diaspora to meet
and celebrate our culture. Last years celebration – the 3rd Edition hosted
more than 15.000 visitors world-wide a grandiose occasion that took place
for 4day presentating a true picture of africa. The 4th Edition is
currently being planned for thursday 8th to Sunday 11 of August 2013 -
4days nonstop, 30.000 diaspora world-wide will attend this event, so be

*International Diaspora Award – **Final call for artist 2013*
* *
*[image: 4 newsletter4]*
* *
*Register now, sending a live video about your band per mail*
* *
This program is a showcase of Africa´s young talents and dynamism, each
year we give out awards to Africans in every works and fields – Music,
photography, designers, literature and more as a compensation for hard work
and creativity. African traders, musicians, writers, photographers,
designers, companies and entrepreneur, African football associations
etc…from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply for opportunities to
showcase their talents: Register, participate and win an award, all free of

Music (Bands and groups with at least 5 musicians)

Music genre (African – Soukouss, Makossa, high-life, Meringue etc, Reggae,
Zouk, Samba)

Drumming; Traditional dance groups, theater, acrobatics – associations and
*Help keep AFRICACTIV –Festival (Entry free!)*
This festival shall be FREE ENTRY to all the Diaspora and the public
despite the high cost, thus providing access and the possibility for all
Africans to get together without inflicting extra cost on them, especially
those travelling from far. You can help keep this festival entry free by
your freewill donation, sponsorship (public / private) be a volunteer.

Your benefits as a sponsor / donor/ Volunteer is a win-win situation by
inserting your logo on the festival flyers, banners, posters, homepage and
newsletter, 15.000 visitors attended the 3rd edition 2012, and at least
30.000 are expected to attend 2013 at the 4. Edition *The festival has a
magazine called (AFRICACTIV- MAGAZIN).*

This magazine reports about the festivals program and the activities of the
Diaspora in the south of Germany. It´s a non-profit project and generates
its funds by providing places for advertisement. It has 20.000 copies that
are distributed free of charge in all local African shops, businesses, and
tourism and travelling agencies as well as households. We appreciate your
contribution and support by placing your advertisement in our magazine.

*Contact us*- AFRICACTIV e.V
*Tel:* +4971216964809