Diasporian News of Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Source: Daily Democrat

Ambassador Saves Ghanaian In Egypt

...From Death Sentence

By William Sarpong,

The Ghana Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Alhaji Said Sinare has played a critical role as a father to ensure the release of life imprisonment of a Ghanaian, Mohamed Abubakar Musah jailed by the Egyptian Government on the grounds of possessing drugs.

Speaking to The Daily Democrat, H.E. Said Sinare disclosed that he got the hint of the prisoner’s predicament when he assumed office as Ambassador in Egypt. According to him, as a representative of the President, the interest of Ghanaian citizens are his prime concern and therefore started writing petitions to plead for mercy on behalf of the victim through negotiations with the Egyptian Authorities until the victim was finally set free.

The prisoner was jailed at the age of 17 and had served 21 years in prison until his pardon.

The ambassador, however, advised potential travellers to always check or open parcels given to them to deliver to anyone in their country of destination, in order to find out the contents to avoid getting themselves in trouble.

H.E. Said Sinare expressed his appreciation to the Egyptian Government and other personalities for their cooperation and understanding. This he noted is an honour done to the Ghana Government and the victim’s family.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Ambassador to Egypt is putting out plans to resettle the released prisoner so that he can start life afresh.

The freed Ghanaian prisoner, Mohamed Abubakar Musah in an interview thanked H.E. Said Sinare and the NDC Government for giving him the opportunity to have another life and freedom to unite with his family again.

Mohamed Abubakar in his story said, as a hustler with the intention to work outside he got stranded in Thailand for two years. He said it was there that someone offered to assist him continue his journey, but unfortunately he did not know that a parcel given to him to be sent to a friend contained drugs and was consequently arrested.

According to him, he has learnt a big lesson in life and urged the youth to avoid falling into such temptation and stay at home to work and help build mother Ghana.