Diasporian News of Saturday, 12 January 2013

Source: NDC Amsterdam

NDC Amsterdam branch holds Mahama's hand in Partnership

12th Jan 2013 Amsterdam- The Netherlands

NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH, has announced it will be organizing a symposium in March 2013 aimed at cementing the working relationship between NDC Diasporian branches ( NDC BRANCHES OUTSIDE OF GHANA) and the Head-Office in a bid to further strengthen the efforts of its members and well-meaning Ghanaians towards the development of our great nation Ghana. A Spokes-person and Interim Executive of the NDC Amsterdam Branch Mr. Fred Morgan hinted this at a meeting with some local media representatives in the Netherlands. He said the Interim Chairman A. Dodoo is currently in negotiations with NDC Branches across Europe and North America to formulate a solid consortium that would truly be able to channel the much needed support to Ghana’s development through NDC Head-Office.

Mr. Morgan lamented on the fact that NDC Amsterdam branch has always been on the forefront of promoting and projecting the interest of NDC both home and abroad, and that Ghanaians both home and abroad should all come together as one , to work with the current administration to elevate the development of our beloved country Ghana. He went on to plead with all of Ghana's missions/embassies around the world to begin to work with Ghanaians overseas in ensuring that the governments' positions on policies are clearly and properly communicated to all and sundry.

Interim Chairman of the NDC Amsterdam branch Mr Dodoo , has always maintain the fact that Ghana’s national interest should be paramount at all times, irrespective of what side of the imaginary divisions people tend to create within the political spectrum. Speaking with the media representatives, Mr. Dodoo said he feels proud to be part of the winning team that did not gloat at NPP for having lost the Elections 2012. NDC Amsterdam branch , like any other branch of the Party overseas, contributed hugely by calling/messaging/whatsapping friends, family, acquaintances etc etc in Ghana to resist from doing anything to rattle the peace and calm Ghana radiates. He went on to say that it is now time for all NDC members to work as a team in Nation-building exercises that would see the NDC Party delivering on its promises to the Ghanaian people, this he is said would ensure that come 2016 , NDC would win again.

When asked about what his views are on the on-going court case initiated by NPP, Mr Dodoo said, the NPP party holds that right to express its views/opinions/disagreements etc through the proper channels, however, he was disappointed at the level of mis-information that is trickling down from the Top down , because he believes that the proper and correct information be given to the Ghanaian people through the proper channels in an effective manner to enable NPP supporters have a better understanding of how their leaders are misleading them, this he said would result to they advising their Party executives to pull out , so as to enable them work better towards 2016 rather than pursue these sinister attempts to arrest the development of our nation Ghana.

The NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH further is called on H.E. John Dramani Mahama, to work with Ghanaians of all walks of life both home and abroad who are ready to partner with the Government to assist in nation building, as well as restore the credibility to our national causes. The aim of the up-coming symposium is to enable branches of the NDC Party overseas to identify various sectors of the economy that their individual branches can partner with, as there are Members of the NDC branches that hold and have the expertise in sectors like Energy, Agriculture, Education, Transportation, Health and Tourism.,which the group believes that the collective skills-set can become an impetus to growth and development of our beloved Nation Ghana.

Interim Chairman also added that the NDC Amsterdam Branch is so proud of Ghanaians as a whole for the way they comported themselves before , during and after the 2012 elections, and would like to assure Ghanaians that irrespective of our political affiliations, its only through a united front that we shall be able to achieve the level of development in our country that would continue to make us Ghana the envy of other nations near and far. He called on all NDC branches and its members and sympathizers across Europe and America to come together in creating this working template that would go to assist in the development of our country, Ghana. Government should be able to laison withGhanaians overseas, so as to create an atmosphere where we all work together for the Better Ghana agenda. He added that some European governments would contact their citizens residing in foreign lands where they(the government) wish to partner with locals on various projects implementation so as to get an insight from a citizenry stand point, so African governments should start using the knowledge of their citizens on the ground these European / American/Asian countries where successful Africans reside.

Nana Takyi-Blankson of the Interim Executives asked all Ghanaians support President John Dramani Mahama’s initiatives to develop Ghana and raise the standard of living in the country.And once again congratulated the President and all the National Executives of the Party. We are proud of you all and now is the time for us all to roll our sleeves and get to work. He called on NPP to come on board to work alongside NDC and other political parties to create a better Ghana for our children and our children’s children. He also took the opportunity to invite all Ghanaians and friends of Ghana to come and contribute in creating this working template.


All enquiries on the upcoming symposium should be sent to ndc.amsterdam.holland@gmail.com. EDEY BE K3K3 !! EY3 ZU EY3 ZA NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH Interim Executives