Diasporian News of Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Source: By Steve Biko, Peoples Times

Ghanaians Abroad Wish Ghana Happy New Year

The President of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC) --- "His Excellency", President "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng, popularly known by Ghanaians around the World as "Kwame Mayor", has on behalf of Ghanaians in Diaspora, expressed Happy New Year message to Ghanaians at Home, whether CPP, NPP, NDC, etc, etc, and especially, His Excellency, President John Mahama, and the Flagbearer of NPP, Nana Akuffo Addo.

The Greatest Politician of all time, and Great Grandson of Ashanti War Generals, (whose very Biological Great Grand-Fathers from Bamang, near the famouse Kente weaving Village of Bonwire, near Amaape, in Ashanti Region, bravery led all Asante's Historic Wars, (especially, Ashantis' Glorious Wars against Colonialism, and Imperialism, perpetuated on African Soil by "our British White Brothers, and Sisters") ---- and, whose numerous strategic ideas were stolen by former President John Agyekum (50 Cents) Kufuor's 'Selfish, and Greedy Government', without paying him even a Pesewa, just because he ("Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Mayor) was Intellectually, Morally, and Ethically, criticising Kufuor's Government of its short-comings, and mean-spiritedness --- praised the "King Solomon's" Wisdom of the King of Dagbon, or Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya-Naa Andani Yakubu Abdulai, for encouraging whoever becomes the legitimate President of Ghana to engage in "Inclusive Government".

The Abroad's Leader, who has asked Ghana's Parliament to pay him Salary --- a little bit below that of Ghana's legitimate President, for his hardwork on behalf of Ghanaians around the World, praised Ghanaians at Home for their Peaceful, and Non-Violent conduct, during the just ended Elections.

The Abroad's President says he cannot attend the January 7, 2013 inauguration of His Excellency, President John Mahama, since the Supreme Court has not yet made a decision regarding the complaint filed by NPP's Flagbearer, Nana Akuffo Addo.

"Legally speaking, the inauguration of His Excellency, President John Mahama, cannot be held until the Justices of Ghana's Supreme Court make a ruling regarding the complaint filed by NPP's Flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo".

The "Pocket Lawyer" said since every President is a Human Being, and not God Almighty, the President can be sued for committing a Crime.

"Since NPP has strongly presented empirical evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the 2012 Election was indeed rigged, the Justices should rule in favour of Nana Akuffo Addo --- unless they don't believe in empirical evidence", said the Scholarly Politician.

"Ghana should brace for a second round of election, but in fairness, the Flagbearer of NPP, Nana Akuffo Addo should be proclaimed by Ghana's Supreme Court --- (and if possible, by International Court), as the legitimate President of Ghana, since NPP has proven to the whole World with Empirical Evidence, beyond reasonable doubt, that NDC rigged the Election", said the Ghanaian-born "America's Mandela", who has asked the White House to boycott the January 7, 2013 inauguration of His Excellency, President John Mahama --- lecturing Western Democratic Countries, and the entire World Community that just because most Ghanaians --- (except followers of Rawlings, and Boakye Djan, who are June 4th Terrorists) --- are Naturally Peaceful, and Non-Violent, and Ghanaians held a Peaceful, and Non-violent Election, does not mean that the Election was Free and Fair.

"Western Civilized Nations which truly believe in the Noble ideals, and ideas of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty, should muster Moral, and Ethical courage, and apologise to the People of Ghana, for falsely claiming that Ghana's 2012 election was Free, and Fair, just because most Ghanaians are Peaceful, and Non-Violent People, and the Election was consequently, Peaceful, and Non-Violent --- whereas Empirical Evidence provided by NPP, strongly prove that the election was rigged in a 419 style !!!", said the Ghanaian-born "America's Mandela".

"Ghanaians should wear Red, and Black, on January 7th --- the so-called Presidential Inauguration Day, to mourn for the "People's Stolen Verdict !!!", said one of the World's Most Sophisticated Intellectuals, reverred by his followers as "America's Mandela", who is organizing "One Million Men, and Women's Peaceful, and Non-Violent March, on January 7, 2013 --- from Obra Spot in Accra, to the Castle, Flagstaff House, and to the Electoral Commission's Headquaters, to demand Free, and Fair Election in future Elections.

" I have the Spirits of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandela in me", said the Self Proclaimed "Re-incarnation of Ghana's First President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, of Blessed Memory.

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