Diasporian News of Thursday, 13 December 2012

Source: kofi addo

Diaspora Ghanaians let's Unite And Save Our Nation

I think that the Movement should fight for these if it is not already in your aims and objectives.

a. A representation in the Ghana government. At least 15 of the seats the was created should have being given to Ghana Abroad in Parliament .

b. The immediate implementation of ROPAA. Why are will allowing this law to still be not implemented while we send 14 billion dollars home every year according to the CNN which is about a fourth of our GDP. Any one or group contributing 25% to a nation should have a say in the way that the leaders are elected.

c. That any one hold dual citizenship should be able to hold any office in the country if the lay aside their other citizens for that period.

d. Please let's entreat the government to give citizenship to people with ancestral links and birth links to Ghana. Ireland has become what is has because they came to realise that the Irish like the Ghanaians travel a lot so any one with the slight linkage to the Irish nation is given a citizenship. Let me given you example. I want to extend my house in a small town in UK. I have requested quotes from 3 Architectural firms. Can you believe this? All 3 of them had links to Ghana. 2 of the white men were born in Ghana. The third man was mixed race and his dad was of Ghana decent who came to live here in the UK when he was young. What is the statistical probability of that? this town is just 250 thousand. Can you imagine what all this people can bring to the nation? The jobs that they will create, expertise and knowledge they will bring to the nation. The investment and capital they can bring to the nation. Above all the contacts, support and networks they will also bring to the nation. It is time that the nation wake up and work smart and not hard for our nation to move forward.

e. Charge realistic duties at the port. The port charges are ridiculously high. Why is it that is the easy way that we want us Ghanaians? Why can we broaden the tax base instead of rely on the easy target who send their hand earn goods home after staying several years abroad. If the collect property tax and rental income taxes Ghana will be transformed. for example for many people who are renting homes in the country pay tax or those who sell their property pay tax.

f. The government should establish a proper Diaspora Ministry to facilitate Ghana who want to invest, resettle and help the nation in what every way they can then they will get. There should be able to get info on registration a company, buying and registry land, how to raise finance in the country etc etc. Basically it should be one stop for everything.

Let's join on and spread the news on our networks.