Diasporian News of Thursday, 15 November 2012

Source: NPP-USA

NPP-USA: Myopic And Tribalisic Mahama Alienates Southerners


The NPP-USA finds the corrupt transitional President Mahama’s spewed reckless, divisive, and ethnocentric call on Northerners to unconditionally vote for him because he is one of them as childish, myopic, naive, pathetic and a serious indictment on his leadership competency. John Dramani Mahama’s invocation of the tribal card is an act of desperation because he lacks the vision, intellectual capacity and requisite leadership competencies to formulate and implement bold policies that are simply the reserve of courageous and visionary leaders like Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. John Mahama simply lacks ideas and cannot discuss issues as reflected in his appalling performance in the last presidential debate.

His claim that the death of President Mills is an opportunity for him and the youth to lead (a 54 years man who claims to be a youth in a country with 56 years life expectancy) is a clear testimony to his intellectual mediocrity, social and political immaturity*. *Only a clueless and visionless presidential candidate cast in the mold of John Mahama would commit such a strategic blunder and a political suicide by pitting the North against the South and disregard the relevance of the majority south in a crucial election. Undoubtedly, the inability of John Mahama to envision the serious ramifications of such self-destructive infantile electoral strategy is a clear manifestation of his immaturity, intellectual bankruptcy and leadership incompetence to unify and lead Ghana. Mahama’s tribalistic call may be calculated for myopic political gain but it unintelligently divides Ghana into the North versus South and thus untying the knot that holds us together. It has the potential to destroy the fabric of our peaceful co-existence woven and sustained by our common heritage and destiny, at the very time all peace-loving Ghanaians and the global community are universally praying for a peaceful elections*.*Following Mahama’s absurd logic, Southerners are also entitled to unconditionally support southern presidential candidates and that ultimately would end Mahama’s ambitious presidential dream.

Ghana historically is not divided along North –South fault-lines as the desperate Mahama’s vile and divisive propaganda portrays. Mahama’s claim of discrimination against Northerners and as the first “Northern star” and “Messiah” is fundamentally flawed and preposterous. Comparatively, the northern region has had more presidents and vice presidents than other tribes or regions in Ghana. The northern region has had two presidents (Dr. Hilla Limann and John Dramani Mahama) and two vice presidents (Aliu Mahama and John Dramani Mahama); Ashanti region, one (J.A. Kufour); Brong Ahafo, one (K.A. Busia), Volta, one (Rawlings), Central, one (Atta- Mills). There are many tribes in Ghana, especially the Gas who host the seat of government, the Krobos, Ahantas, Akuapems, Akyems, etc, that have neither had a president nor a vice president but are still not complaining and spewing myopic tribal epithet. Unlike the corrupt Mahama, the gentle, incorruptible, morally upright and intellectual giant Dr Hilla Limann, had the enviable legitimate claim to the accolade of the “Northern star” popularly elected with an overwhelming 67% of the electoral votes with massive Southern support. Dr. Limann’s election is a clear manifestation that issues and leadership competencies determine electoral votes of both southerners and northerners and not simply ethnicity. Ironically, the fake “apostle of northern redemption” John Mahama joined the bloodthirsty P/NDC party that horrendously removed the legitimately elected northern President Hilla Limann from power and hastened his demise into eternity. The forceful removal of the people’s choice, Dr. Hilla Limann by Mahama’s party dimmed the northern dream and accompanying social, economic and political opportunities that would have transformed the Northern part of Ghana. John Mahama stand accused by supporting a party that violently overthrew, brutalized and cut short the life of a Northern pride Dr. Hilla Limann, denying them their right to presidential leadership in fulfillment of the will and aspiration of northerners.

Mahama’s complicity and biasness in the Dagbon chieftaincy dispute confirms his infatuation with the anachronistic and failed “divide and rule” tactics that has worsen the plight of Ghanaians. Despite the vague but tasty promises of amicably resolving the dispute without any biases, the NDC through the advice of vice president John Mahama impaired its credibility as an honest and objective broker of peace with its myopic selective invitation of the Andanis to the castle to discuss means of pursuing “justice” ignoring the Abudus. Mahama/NDC’s poor judgment deservedly incurred the distrust and displeasure of the Abudus thereby undermining peaceful resolution of the conflict. Mahama, by these and other reasons has moral and trust deficit with northerners and Ghanaians and therefore lacks the moral justification to solicit unconditional support of northerners. By this singular divisive gesture, the care taker President has rejected the votes of southerners and has lost the confidence of many Ghanaians to lead Ghana in peace and freedom .

It is a sad irony that a man who is making a hyperbolic comparison of himself to President Obama could display such political naivety and still childishly hopes that President Obama’s electoral victory in the USA will rub off on him. While Obama is preaching United States instead of blue and red states, Mahama is dividing the north from the south, west and east. Whereas Obama has proven to be incorruptible, Mahama has his name associated with every nefarious NDC corruption. John Mahama you are no Obama, you have displayed moral turpitude unbecoming of a gentleman, let alone that of a head of state, President Obama can count the children he has fathered, you have lost count of yours.

With his newly found voice of becoming the Messiah of the generic North, lets ask President Mahama what he has done for his Gonja people in particular and Northerners generally since his party came to power to merit their unconditional vote? To the Southerners and the rest of Ghana, the word to the wise is in the North.

NPP-USA, Public Relations Committee.