Diasporian News of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: Tamakloe, Kojo

Lessons from USA NPP must note

Kojo Tamakloe

I must congratulate especially the people of Iowa , mostly White who were able to rise above racism to vote for a “ Black person” . To my mind they have been able to live up to what Rev Martin Luther King Jr said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”. Let us apply that to Ghana , that one day the tribalists will not judge others by the language they speak but the contents of their character .

The USA has rejected journey backwards of racial discrimination and sexual discrimination . Can Ghana do the same ? The ordinary people of Ghana should ask if in December they should give a mandate to a party that 1 Adores a people that honours a tribalist and violence person like Bafour Akoto , a hard core tribalist who terrorized people who dared to differ from his tribalist and ma te me ho principles . 2 A party who carries shoulder high, a Ken Agyepong who call for the extermination of fellow country men and women just because they speak a different language from what he speaks 3 Party supporters who will storm the offices of the BNI to release a suspected convict 4. A party who will storm the radio station on the grounds they do not agree with statements made on that station they disagree with 5. A party whose members will rejoice over the drowning in the Volta lake of people who are going about their business just because they are perceived a bank of another party 6 A party who cannot have a Flag bearer from any other region who will speak another language but that of Osei akoto 7 A party whose Flag bearer must be Male 8. A party with 17 Male contestants all vying for the presidency and no one asks the source of the funds but points to corruption from other parties 9 . A party whole leader talks about “ yen Akan fo and that is not tribalism 10 A party that will brand Rawlings a tribalist but pardon Agyepong for having children with a lady coming from Akatsi .

It may be a bit late but the NPP should begin to re assess itself distancing itself from the Adofo Rocksons and the Kwame Okoampa’s , and acts like burning down markets so they can sympathize with the people. Then there are the hi jacking of buses as done by the Aminas . Should Ghanaians forget so soon how armed robbers held sway in the NPP era and started running when they feared “ no nonsense” J J Rawlings may be riding back . Should Ghanaians forget so soon how Ghana became a cocaine coast . Should Ghanaians forget so soon the unemployment situation that let Ghanaians to be slaughtered in Gambia , looking for greener pastures. Should Ghanaians forget so soon that NPP raised school fees in 2007 but Ghana still had schools under trees? Should Ghanaians forget how Ghana Airways was looted and ran to the ground? Should we forget about TOR and its huge debt it carried ? Should Ghanaians forget about GCB going to the ground? Should Ghanaians forget about ‘ Ali babaa & the 40 thieves”?Should Ghanaians sweep under the carpet the accusations of drug use , incompetence as an MP, and Minister of State, and misuse of government vehicles after one has left office? Should Ghanaians forget about looting of State assets under NPP rule ? Ghanaians we need to look forward to work with our neighbors and create an African market. We can only do that with people who accept others as brothers and sisters . We need to mutually respect one another . The choice is ours in December . Forward with the progressives or backwards with the tribalists

Forward ever , backward ever The writer Kojo tamakloe , is an Nkrumaist , who believes Pan Africanism is the solution to our under development