Diasporian News of Monday, 22 October 2012

Source: AlWaiz, Husseini Y Baba

NDP Must Make A U-Turn -NDC New York

NDP Must Make A U-Turn To Ndc In Their Own Interest-Ndc New York

"Self importance is man's greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow man. Self importance requires that one spends most of one's life offended by something or someone."

--- Carlos Castaneda in, "The Fire from Within"

There are many instances that the founder of our great Akatamanso party, former president Jerry Rawlings endorsed and predicted the glaring victory of His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama. And the reason why our founder went to the NDP congress was that, he found himself in a dilemma or a catch -22 situation of being the founder of the NDC, and having his wife contesting on the ticket of a different party. We would expect the NDP splinter party to do a sober thought about those series of recommendations of president Mahama, by former president Jerry Rawlings, because he observed that since his assumption of office, he has been able to bring some level of sanity and unity within the rank and file of the NDC. We of the NDC New York would want our NDP members to prove to us that, the party has not been masterminded by the NPP to split our votes. We have couple of information regarding how the NPP is bankrolling and urging Nana Konadu to form this party, by virtue of her popularity in order to split their votes. But we need to drive lot of lessons from this phenomenon, because this is not the first time we have experience defection and splintering of our members to form another party. However, the sudden news we heard about the disqualification of NDP is a shocking one to our hears. Perhaps is a divine intervention in disguise for our kith and kin in the NDP to think deep, and make a sharp u-turn to the NDC for their own interest. Because it is obvious that, leaving the NDC to form a party which we clearly know was machinated by the NPP, is tantamount to moving from frying pan to fire, in the sense that, the internal wrangling in the party, which led them to exit is very minor and trivial as compare to the humiliation and embarrassment they will experience, should the NPP come to power, after this year’s elections. Now that we have President Mahama at the fore-front, who has proven to be a unifier and a reformer, they should be rest assured, and give him the benefit of the doubt and join the band wagon to present a formidable and fearsome force to defeat the NPP who have nothing to offer, but false promises. We know in every human institution, it is a conversational wisdom to have differences of opinions, disputes and disagreements, but that should not warrant us splitting and splintering to the positive advantage of our bitter opponents, the NPP. Fellow brethren in the NDP, if we have the interest of the former first family(Jerry Rawlings & Nana Konadu) at heart, in order not to see their courtesies and privileges taken away from them once again by the NPP, when they tasted power for eight years, you should lets be by-gone be by-gone and take a lesson from your colleague members from the regions, who are reverting and regressing back to their parent party, the NDC in full force and huge numbers, and even bringing more and more other new members to us, who hitherto, were not NDC members. A word to a wise is enough!

Long live the Akatamansonians, Eye Zu, Eye Za, One Touch Victory!!!

Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz, Press Secretary, NDC New York