Diasporian News of Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Source: Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz,

We Are Not Scared Of Konadus' NDP -NDC New York


We of the NDC New York would want to add our voice to that of our General Secretary, Mr. Asiedu Nketia that, Nana Konadu's NDP and the subsequent endorsement by her husband, former President Rawlings will not affect our electoral fortunes.

Already, the former President Jerry Rawlings has endorsed President Mahama, commended his effort in transforming the party and predicted his victory in a couple of occasions, and we know that majority of Ghanaian voters have taken his earlier support to President Mahama seriously, and have already intended to vote for us, that is why we leading in the polls, both for presidential and parliamentary elections. So we will therefore not be perturbed by Konadu's NDP. Besides this is not the first time we have experienced defection or an emergence of a splinter party in our political history.

It is obvious that, the NPP in their desperate bid for power are masterminding Konadu's political ambition, and they are bankrolling her activities to fight their 'common enemy', the NDC, in order to split our votes and give them the chance to win come December 7th, 2012.

She lost sight of the terrible defeat meted out to her, when she challenged the late President Mills at the primaries in 2011. But Ghanaians and the undecided voters are well aware of her ambition to make the NDC a one term government, since she did not win the Primaries against the late President, and she did not achieve her whim, she wants the NDC to go into opposition, and Ghanaian electorates will not let her achieve her negative ambition of helping the NPP to win the elections.

We have a strong conviction that, Ghanaians will not let the life and legacy of the late President Mills, "Asomdwehene" go down the drain and will therefore sympathize with his kith and kin, by voting massively for President Mahama and the NDC to continue from where the late President left off.

Even though former President Rawlings will not campaign for us as he said clearly, but we do not buy the idea of expelling him from the party, as some of our members are suggesting, since this will further complicate matters for us, and our opponents will further make a political capital out of it, as they are currently doing.

And we urge our national executives to continuously advice our supporters not to return any insult or abusive language that Konadu and her party might be throwing at us, but should rather concentrate on our campaign, letting the electorates know her negative ambition and urging our supporters not to defect and vote for her.

It is only God who determines and chooses a leader, not President Rawlings, and we know that, God has taken the late President Mills for many reasons, and one of the reasons we know is to grant us victory. Besides, we have the most marketable and charismatic candidate among all, in the name of his Excellency President John Dramani Mahama. There are even lot of people who voted for the NPP during the last elections, and have expressed willingness to vote for us, because they realized President Mahama is humble not arrogant, and peaceful not aggressive And they will feel comfortable being with the President who re-echo the late President Mills' clarion call of peace and tranquility, rather than the "All die be die" rant and rage rhetorics of NPP's Nana Akufo Addo.

We implore our rank and file not to be perturbed, they should rather intensify their house to house campaign and phone banking (or using the phones to urge voters to go and vote), as we on the other side of the ocean continue to use the social media and the internet to campaign.

Finally, we want to appeal to the electorates and the NDC members that, if they want to see former President Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu (who will not make any impact) continue to be in peace and dignity after this elections, then the NDC is the party to campaign and vote for, and by voting for the NDC, they are doing a great favor to Nana Konadu and former President Rawlings(had they know), because we are all aware of the hell and hectic time they went through under the NPP administration i.e. all Presidential privileges they used to enjoyed were suspended and they both underwent so much humiliation at the court for unfounded allegations leveled against them. Clearly it is only under the NDC government that, President Rawlings and Nana Konadu will enjoy these privileges and more.

Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz, Press Secretary, NDC New York